Home Parts Service Pre season Service Contact News About West Side Lawnmower was founded in 1953 From its humble beginnings in a garage on the West Side of Lansdale Pa. Then in 1973 with second generation owners, moving to Broad Street. The currant fourth generation of owner Now in Perkasie Pa West Side Lawnmower is in the process of changing its  name to West Side Power Equipment. Due to the fact that our product lines and business clients have  grown increasingly over the last two decades. We not only have  parts sales and service for the homeowner. We also service the  Commercial Landscaper and Commercial Builder-Contractors in  the area. In addition we service local municipalities and local  businesses. West Side also has the ability to service  off road recreational vehicles of all kinds. Our staff and technicians  maintain a continuing education to keep up with all the latest  technologies and required certification. We strive for top level  customer satisfaction.  Thank you for visiting our site!  Hope you found what you needed and come again! A Brief  History
A Brief History 
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